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Oregon Car Insurance

Oregon Car Insurance is mandatory by insurance law, ORS 806.010, and requires every driver to insure his or her automobile. Whether you are searching for cheap Oregon car insurance, Oregon car insurance policies, Oregon car insurance rates and quotes, or if you simply have questions about how OR auto insurance (FAQ's), you have certainly discovered what you need! We encourage you to use our FREE Car Insurance Quote Tool at the top of the page. You will be glad you did! And we also encourage you to read on, because you will find very useful information on what you need to know about Oregon auto insurance.


The minimum liability insurance you must have for your car is $25,000 per person, $50,000 per crash for bodily injury to others, and $10,000 per crash to the damage of property to others. Oregon state law also requires every motor vehicle liability insurance policy to provide personal injury protection of $15,000 for things such as medical and dental expenses, and, uninsured motorist coverage of $25,000 per person coupled with $50,000 per crash for bodily injury. As long as you have a vehicle registered in the state of Oregon, you must have this insurance in place and paid for. If for any reason you drive without insurance, you will have committed a very serious violation - read on below to learn of what will happen, and, exactly what you can do to avoid any problem and exactly what you can do to make sure you have the very best Oregon Car Insurance.


Oregon Car Insurance is very important coverage you must get immediately if you wish to drive a vehicle in the state of Oregon. If for any reason you drive without liability insurance, you could get fines, a suspension of your driving privileges, and your vehicle will be towed. If your vehicle is towed, you will be subject to fines and storage fees, and these are in addition to the other fees you will have paid. If you are convicted of driving without insurance, you must file additional paperwork - proof of financial responsibility (form SR-22) with the DMV for 3-years, or your driving privileges will be suspended. Even worse is if you drive without insurance and you crash your driving privileges will be suspended for a year. After a year has passed, you can reinstate your driving privileges but only if you file the correct form (SR-22) for three years, and pay additional fines. Clearly you do not want any of this to happen to you! What you do want is to make sure you find the best Oregon Car Insurance you can find.


The best way to start your search is to take advantage of our FREE Oregon Insurance Quote Tool immediately. It will direct you to the top Oregon Car Insurance Companies and the best prices for your insurance needs. It will help you avoid the problems mentioned above. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity! Then return back here to learn even more helpful ideas that could save you money!


Now for some good news. According to the Public Policy Institute, the average cost for Oregon Car Insurance in 2005 was only $737. Your costs can and will vary considerably, but as a general guide you have an average in 2005 of $737. That same year the average expenditure in Oregon for liability insurance was $484, for collision coverage was $235, and for comprehensive coverage was $110. So clearly you understand two very important aspects about Oregon Car Insurance now. First, the penalties for not having insurance are very severe. So severe that you cannot under any circumstances own or drive a car without insurance. Secondly, you can and will find very reasonably priced and very fairly priced Oregon Car Insurance if you take the time to do things right and to search for the best insurance companies with the best policies at the best prices.


Fortunately you have found the correct site to do all this, and the best place for you to start is with our FREE Car Insurance Quote Tool. Use it right now to compare quotes. As soon as you get your quotes come right back to this page so you can learn valuable and practical information which will allow you to find ways to work with your insurance company to get discounts when and where they are available and allowable.


You've found good news about Oregon Car Insurance. Now for some even better news! According to the Consumer Federation of America, (CFA,) in Washington, D.C., drivers and consumers who are driving less as a result of higher gasoline prices could save an average of 5% to 10% or $47 to $94 on their auto-insurance rates! While the higher cost of fuel to consumers has created an obvious hardship for almost everyone, the increase in gasoline prices at the pump could mean immediate savings on car insurance rates for some, and lower over-all premiums for all drivers.


When gas prices jump, drivers may take one of three actions:


1. Car-pooling with co-workers

2. Using mass-transportation

3. In some cases, simply driving less


Most insurance companies, including those who insure motorists in Oregon, calculate their rates, in part, based on miles driven and miles commuted for things like work and school. So when driving habits are substantially altered, the change in driving patterns can translate into a reduction in your Oregon Car Insurance premiums. If you have stopped driving to work or school, you should contact your insurance company and let them know. They may switch you from a 'work or school' category to a 'pleasure' category, and you could get a 10% price reduction! If you still drive to work or school, but not as far or not as often, you won't change categories, but you may still be eligible for a price reduction of as much as 5%! So take advantage of these opportunities! Whether you are searching for your first-time purchase of Oregon Car Insurance, or are making a switch, you now have 100% free guidance, helpful hints and useful information.


Now you need to take the next step and find the best quotes for Oregon Auto Insurance. Go ahead and use our FREE Car Insurance Quote Tool. Once you have taken advantage of our free quotes, make sure you come right back here to learn more valuable and important information so you can secure the best Oregon Car Insurance policy for you and your family!


Cheap Oregon Car Insurance


Yes, there is such a thing as cheap Oregon car insurance. Yes, it is possible that you may qualify to find the best cheap Oregon car insurance quotes available. Yes, you have come to the best website available to assist you in your search for Cheap Oregon Car Insurance. But before you continue, here are some facts you should know about cheap Oregon auto insurance. Cheap Oregon car insurance may only a few clicks away.


The best way to get Cheap Oregon Car Insurance is buy the safest car you can possibly can - we will explain how to do this later in this section. You can also take immediate steps to lower the cost of your car insurance by communicating specifics about your situation to your insurance company. Are you over age 55 and retired? Are you over age 65? Do you have a very good credit rating? Do you own your car outright? Are you willing to pay-off your insurance policy upfront without paying installments? If you answered yes to some of these questions then you need to tell your insurance company!


All of these steps can add up to considerable savings for you as you look for Cheap Oregon Car Insurance. Make sure you read further, there are many more suggestions that could save you money. And make sure you use our FREE Auto Insurance Quote Tool. It will save you time and money!



Oregon Car Insurance Company



Oregon Car Insurance Companies are abundantly available in the state of Oregon. Insurance companies like Oregon Mutual, Liberty Northwest, North-Pacific Insurance, Farmers Insurance Company of Oregon, and Mid-Century Insurance Company are just some of the regional insurance companies who offer insurance to Oregon drivers. By using our FREE Car Insurance Quote Tool you will access our powerful database to search Oregon Car Insurance Companies so you can find the policy you and your family should have to protect yourselves in the event of an accident.


American International Group (AIG), All-State, State-Farm, Nationwide, Geico, USAA Group and Farmers Insurance Company are all national insurance carrier's who will also provide you with quotes, rates, policies and protection as you search for the best match to meet your needs. Simply provide some basic information about your insurance needs such as your zip-code in Oregon, the year and make of your car, and other basic information and no-hassle and no-obligation quotes will be sent directly to your email address! You can take advantage of these quotes quickly and easily. Don't forget; Oregon Car Insurance is mandatory.


Keep reading in the other sections for additional guides that will help you save both time and money. It is all only a few clicks away!


Oregon Car Insurance Policy


Let us help you find the Oregon Auto Insurance Policy that is right for you. Here we can provide you with a comprehensive list of Oregon Car Insurance Policies. Go ahead right now and use our FREE Car Insurance Quote Tool. You will get great quotes from top Oregon Car Insurance companies that will allow you to find a great Oregon Car Insurance Policy quickly and easily. All you need is your Oregon zip code and the year and make of you car. Before you know it you will have found the best policy to cover all your car insurance needs. Once you get your quotes and have found at least two or three quotes that you are comfortable with, use the following guidelines. They may help you to get a discount!


1. Make sure your driving record is clean

2. Make sure your credit history is good

3. Consider raising your deductible

4. Consider lowering your amount of comprehensive coverage

5. Consider lowering your amount of collision coverage (especially recommended if you have an older vehicle)

6. If you have more than one driver or more than one car in your family, you should consolidate all of your policies with the same insurance company


All of these useful guidelines will help to lower your Oregon auto insurance premiums. There are many more money saving ideas that you can use to potentially lower your auto insurance premiums even further. For now, what you want to do is take advantage of our FREE Oregon Auto Insurance Quote Tool. Get your quotes, and then come back to this page to learn more ways that you and your family can save money. Finding the best Oregon car Insurance policy just got easier than ever!



Oregon Car Insurance Quote



The easiest way to get the best Oregon car insurance quote is to use the FREE Oregon Auto Insurance Quote Tool located at the top of the page. By doing so you will save you and your family both time and money. With the dramatic price increase we have all seen in the price of gas in recent years, we all need ways to save money on our automobile expenditures. One way to save money is to find the very best Oregon Car Insurance Quote you can, and to use it to find the very best Oregon Car Insurance Policy. By using all the pages and sections of this website, you will learn many money-saving tips that could add up to more money in your pocket! Don't throw your car insurance premium money out the window. You work too hard for your money. And because you work hard for your money you need to make sure you find the very best Oregon Car

Insurance Policy.


For example, did you know that by simply asking your insurance company if discounts are available they may share with you ways to cut your premiums like money-saving steps that the insurance company may not have necessarily offered if you did not ask? For example, some insurance companies may give you a discount if you are a member of an automobile club like AAA. Some insurance companies may give you a discount if you are over age 55 and retired or if you are over age 65. Maybe you have a very high credit score. You could get a discount for that! Maybe you can get special pricing for a large-group policy, such as for work, church or a club.


There are lots of ways that you may be able to reduce your Oregon Car Insurance costs. This site will show you many useful tools that can and will make a difference as you find the best Oregon car insurance quote. The best part is it is 100% free and easy.


Oregon Car Insurance Rates


Did you know that Oregon car insurance rates actually decreased by 2.2% from 2004 to 2005? The best way to begin your search for Oregon auto insurance rates is to use our FREE Oregon Car Insurance Tool that is located right here on this page. Once you get your quotes, return to this spot because we will share with you some very important information that may help you get a discount on your Oregon car insurance.


Did you know that according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) 77% of insured drivers purchase comprehensive coverage, and 72% purchase collision coverage? What this means is that in all likelihood you too will purchase one or both of these coverage options. But by purchasing less coverage, you can reduce your premiums. Neither one of these coverage options is mandated by Oregon law. However, you would be wise to have both of them, and if you finance your automobile purchase or if you lease your car, the bank or finance company will make it mandatory and include it in the terms of your car loan or lease documents.


The coverage that is mandated in Oregon is Liability Insurance, and Personal Injury Protection (PIP). You must also have Uninsured Motorist Coverage in the State of Oregon. Fortunately, the average cost of all these coverage options in Oregon fall in the bottom-half of all other states when ranked by cost so you will, on average, pay less for your Oregon Car Insurance than you would if you lived in another state. To get quotes on these legally required coverage options, use our FREE Oregon Insurance Quote Tool.


Oregon Car Insurance FAQ's


Oregon Car Insurance Frequently-Asked-Questions and Answers are only a few clicks away! Just follow this page to the most commonly asked questions about Oregon Car Insurance. You will be glad you did! And remember, to find out even more useful answers to your questions, use our FREE OR Car Insurance Quote Tool. You will receive quotes from the top insurance companies in Oregon and in the country!


One very often-asked question is "Where can I find the best insurance at the lowest price?" The answer is you must do your homework, work closely with your insurance company, and make sure you are not paying for coverage you do not need, while at the same time making certain to get the coverage that is both required by law, and that will protect you and your family. To make this process easier, remember that the cost of car insurance is more expensive in urban areas due to more cars packed into tighter spaces, the increased likelihood of theft and or vandalism, and the greater incident rate of fraud. So if you live in a more rural area, your rates will almost certainly be lower. Click away to see the complete list of Oregon Insurance FAQ's and Answers. You will find the answers to questions such as "What is the best insurance company to choose?" and "I don't have a high income. How do I find cheap Oregon Car Insurance?" You will be glad you reviewed the list of questions because the answers you find could save you money!


Information about Oregon car insurance, Oregon car insurance policies, rates, quotes, and cheap Oregon car insurance are all at your fingertips. Make sure you read through the information provided here. It will help you gather a long list of money-saving tips that could dramatically lower your car insurance quotes. Make sure you use the FREE OR Car Insurance Quote Tool and that you visit the Oregon car insurance FAQ page. Together they will give you exactly what you are looking for and ultimately guide you and your family towards obtaining the Oregon car insurance coverage that you need! Enter your zip code in at the top of the page to get free Oregon car insurance quotes now!