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Low Cost Car Insurance In Oregon


There are many ways to find cheap Oregon car insurance. One of the most effective ways is by comparing the rates of various companies. Doing this can not only get you the best rates, but also help you locate the best policy for your needs. Going online to comparison shop can save you loads of time and money.


The trick lies in knowing how to compare the different offerings. There are some insurance requirements that the state of Oregon has made necessary. Other options are dependent on your personal attributes, lifestyle and means. Here are some insurance basics you need to know that will help you assess which policy and company is right for your.


Oregon Tort System


The state of Oregon participates in a Tort System. This means that if there is a car accident, someone must be found at fault for causing the accident. The person found to be at fault, along with their insurance company, is responsible for any damages resulting from the accident. The details of a tort system usually vary according to the state. Check with your state regulator for more details.


Insurance Costs In Oregon


The average Oregon driver paid around $825 in insurance premiums in 2003. In comparison, the national average was $914. Most people in the market for auto insurance believe premium rates are fixed by insurance companies and state regulatory agencies. In actuality, insurance companies are quite competitive with one another when it comes to price offering cost saving discounts. Taking advantage of the discounts available for motorists and making a few cost saving adjustments to your policy can go a long way toward lowering your insurance costs. There are some additional insurance costs you can control when it comes to your rate:



Choose an Insurance Friendly Car


One of the smartest things you can do when you are shopping for a new car is to consider how much it will cost to insure it. But don’t stop there. Before you buy your car, take the time to research how much your premium on your new car will be first. Some cars will automatically command a higher premium. They include sports cars/high performance vehicles, SUVs and cars equipped with high technology features. They are associated with a higher number of claims as a result of accidents, theft, or damage caused in an accident. An insurance friendly car will cost much less to insure. The more you pay for your vehicle, the more you can expect to pay for auto insurance coverage.


Shop For The Best
OR Auto Insurance Rates


Call different insurance companies, an auto insurance broker or go online to get various quotes from different insurance providers. When you receive your quotes you will notice that the rates vary a great deal from company to company for basic coverage. Just make sure that you are comparing similar coverage amounts. It doesn’t make any sense to go with the cheapest provider only to discover that your needs aren’t covered when an accident occurs.


Maintain A Clean Driving Record


The most obvious way to lower you rates is by keeping your driving record spotless. Pay attention to the speed limit and the signs on the road. Avoid risky behavior on the road like excessive speeding and running red lights. Use your cell phone judiciously and never text while driving. Never drive while drunk or otherwise impaired. You could end up facing legal charges and even losing your coverage. Most traffic violations remain on your driving record for five years. If you are over 50 consider taking a driver refresher course. These tips will help you in your quest to find low cost Oregon car insurance.


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